Oh, the Fun and Blessings of Family!

Mother’s Day was a wonderful day. Attended church with family and close friend followed by an afternoon with three of my daughters. We ate homemade tacos with all the trimmings including chips and homemade guacamole. And we all wore matching shirts provided by my second youngest daughter. The shirts have printed front: “The devil whispered I’m coming for you. I whispered back bring tacos.”

After we ate, we spent the afternoon doing Bible Trivia questions. Lots of fun and we learned a lot, too!

My second oldest daughter arrived on Wednesday and we’ve been enjoying our days with crafting, chatting, and eating! She made ratatouille one evening. I’d never eaten it before. Yum! It was delicious. Lots of yummy fresh veggies which were quite healthy. Of course, we had to have a lunch the next day to counter all that healthiness…we sat at the kitchen table and colored while eating Velveeta and Rotel green chilies dip with Tostada Scoops! Yum!

I’m going to be blessed with her presence for three more days. The house will seem too quiet when she leaves on Thursday. As for my coloring, I haven’t really finished anything this week. I have been coloring several introductory pages in two books, but nothing is completed. I hope to share something next week. So the only picture I can share is one I should have shared last week. It’s the April buddy color with my daughters. It is titled “Green Man’s Door” and is in Selina Fenech’s book Fairy Companions. I colored it with a variety of mediums: colored pencils, pastel pencils, paint pen, and gel pen.

Looking back over my week, I feel so blessed. Almost overwhelmingly blessed. God has been so good to me in my lifetime and I’m happy I’ve spent the last few years of my life truly appreciating the real blessings. Focusing on my relationship and spending quality time in His presence. I’ve taken on a love for working puzzles and my daughter gifted me with one for Mother’s Day which I’ll work while thinking of Heaven and my future life and thanking Him for the blessing of the present and the person who gifted it.

And so, I leave you with a smile and a prayer that you have a beautiful week. May your table be filled with food, your shelter be warm and comfortable, and your heart be filled with gratitude. Until next time…