Morning Thoughts

Morning Inspiration – God’s Plan is Always Better

Lately I’ve been feeling a little out of sorts about how cool and damp the weather is where I live. It’s the second week of May and I was looking forward to the warmth of sunny days with temps nearing 70F. Especially during this time that my daughter is visiting. I had hopes of sitting on the front porch and taking walks. The only walking we’ve done has been wrapped in warm clothes and dodging rain, especially on Mother’s Day after church!

But I know this is God’s plan and my plans need to be set aside. Instead we have spent our days inside and sharing talks and laughter. It doesn’t really matter where we spend our time with our loved ones, it is really about the quality of the time. And so, as the clouds cover the skies, hiding the sun, and the raindrops fall, I smile and thank God. Thank Him for the rain to replenish the earth and the time with my daughter. His plans are always good! Lifting my cup of tea with a happy heart and a reminder to look for the blessings among the raindrops.