Morning Thoughts

Morning Inspiration – Waving Goodbye

It is a bittersweet morning. My daughter just drove off, heading back to her home after a wonderful week’s visit. The condo is very quiet now and feels empty. I titled this post as “waving goodbye” but it wasn’t really goodbye, just … until we meet again.

A beautiful cardinal is sitting on a branch in the pine tree in the middle of my window view. I have missed sitting at my desk in the morning and enjoying God’s blessings through the view He provides. But I’m thankful for the other blessings He provided in the interim. A full week of never eating a meal alone; being able to share stories, laughs, and quality time with my daughter; watching her hands as she crocheted and worked on a cross stich project; and the joy of love filling the condo.

My daughters are all so beautiful. All of them are Godly women who have left happy memories in my heart from the moment I first held them in my arms. God’s children, lent to me for a time. And so, as I prepare to rearrange this room from a temporary bedroom into my office, I smile. I reminisce. and I thank God for the gift of this new day.