Morning Thoughts

Morning Inspiration, May 18 – Where’s the Snooze Button?

When I retired, I looked forward to sleeping as long as I wanted. No alarm clock. I hadn’t planned on my cat, Wilbur, not understanding he had to take the place of that annoying alarm. He used to be consistent in waking me around 7am but after this last time change, he began waking me around 6:30. For the past month, it has become 5:30am. While I love getting up earlier and having more daytime hours to enjoy, I sure would prefer to remain asleep until 6 or 6:30. But his howls grow louder and louder if I try to ignore him and he has no snooze button.

I think we all learned how to use that snooze button to the best advantage. I believe there are some people who use the snooze button for God. They think there is time to get right with Him at a later time. The problem with that is we don’t know how much time we have before Jesus returns. It might happen before I finish writing this post. It could happen later today, tomorrow, or next year. Why take the gamble with time? Lifting my cup of tea and encouraging you to stop using the snooze button on salvation. Say yes to God and accept Jesus as your savior. Believe in Him. Tomorrow might be too late.