Morning Thoughts

Morning Inspiration – The Joy of Swallows

We really didn’t have a nice spring this year. There were a few days in April that hit 80 degrees but then it turned cold, with frost advisories, and cold winds. Then, suddenly, it has now turned into mid summer! We are creeping toward the 90 degree mark over the next few days with lots of sunshine. For me, this provides happy times sitting on my porch working crosswords and brain puzzles, coloring, and Bible study. Since I wake early around 5-5:30am, I’m ready for porch sitting before 9am, when the birds are very active with their singing and foraging for food.

Yesterday, a pair of swallows scolded me from the edge of the roof. I love the swallows! Their acrobats in the air while catching insects is entertaining. I looked to the nest they built last year on my downspout wondering if they had come back as I’ve heard they would. By early afternoon, I saw one of the swallows sitting in the nest with the other keeping watch from the gutter above. I truly enjoy listening to the babies when they arrive and seeing them learn to fly.

As I watched them, I thought about how I could have destroyed that nest last fall, but I didn’t because I hoped they would return. Isn’t that how God is? We sometimes fly away seeking to make our own way, but He is always there waiting with open arms for us to see the light and return. We are welcomed with love and forgiveness. He longs for us to return. Lifting my cup of tea this morning as I give thanks to Him for His mercy and grace. Without them, I would still be wandering lost in a desolate nothingness. May God give you peace and lift you up today. Be kind!