Morning Thoughts

Morning Inspiration – Love Comes in Small Packages

The year my hubby went to Heaven, I was asked if I’d like to work at the preschool at my church as a “lunch lady.” I had been struggling with adjusting to living life alone, and crying just moments before the request came, begging Jesus to help me. He sent help through that knock on the door from my neighbor, a teacher at the preschool.

I accepted the part time position and loved having something to occupy my mind…beautiful children! Children of many colors and races. Children with big smiles, loving hearts, and happy giggles. I fell in love with them and at the end of the school year, I was a little sad for two reasons. One, the children would be leaving for the summer and then on to kindergarten, and two I had decided not to return the next year due to issues with my lower back.

On the last day of school, these were the words I heard: “I will come back and visit you.” “I will send you a card so you’ll think about me and won’t forget me.” “I will bring you some candy.” “I’m not going to have a fun summer. I’m just staying home.” “You can come to my house and play.” “I love you!” Lifting my cup of tea to wish you a day of fond memories to warm your heart.