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Morning Inspiration – The Pesky Bee Wins

Yesterday morning, I carried all my pastels to the porch along with a picture and a few other tools. I had my large insulated mug filled with cold water. My plan was to spend the majority of the day enjoying the fresh air, the gentle breeze, and listen to the birds singing.

I managed to color only a few leaves on a gorgeous rose bush before I heard the insistent buzz of a bee around my head. I tried to ignore it, but as it kept flying around me only inches away, I stood to try and shoo it away. It wasn’t a carpenter bee, like I’d thought, not a wasp, not a honey bee. It was a yellow jacket. I’ve had a few run-ins with them and they were not pleasant. Yellow jackets can be very aggressive, just as this one was. Wherever I went, it followed. I swatted at it with a piece of paper, but it only became more insistent. Yes, it chased me inside. Even after waiting for several minutes with no sign of the bee, when I went back outside, it came after me. Sigh. I let the bee win.

I thought about this and it reminded me of my Christian journey. How Jesus pursued me in a totally nonaggressive way. Not at all like the bee! Instead of chasing me away, He drew me to Him. Instead of fear of being stung, I experienced a joy of being comforted and loved.

Lifting my cup of tea on this lovely Sunday morning before I leave for church to wish you a blessed day!

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