Plants, Coloring, and Bees – Oh, My!

What a beautiful week this has been! The temps have been really hot, but I’ve enjoyed the sunshine and heat so much after the long, cold winter. I’ve spent a lot of hours sitting on my porch and doing Bible Study, brain puzzlers, reading, and coloring. I especially enjoy using my pastel pencils to color outdoors. They do leave a chalky residue that is easier to blow away outdoors! Also, when there is a breeze blowing, nature takes care of that for me! LOL!

Saturday, I was hounded by an aggressive yellow jacket. He would not leave me alone! He buzzed around and around my head, and when I swatted at him with paper, he kept coming. I escaped into my home, but even after waiting, with no sign of him, he came after me only seconds after I stepped outside! I have looked but find no nests anywhere and haven’t seen him since. I had an infestation of them underneath the front door at my old house and had to call the exterminator twice. They even managed to get inside the house! I sure don’t want to go through that again.

Due to the extreme heat, I’ve had to water my plants more than usual. Here is a little tour of my “garden” area. The cone flowers seem to be doing fine after the transplant from my friend’s garden to mine. I can’t wait to see if they bloom this year.

I planted coral bells two years ago, and they are doing great. All these pictures were taken from me standing on the porch and hanging over the railing, so consider the perspective! I have one bush on each end of the porch.

I bought two “mosquito” plants, also dubbed “citronella”, though true citronella is a grassy plant. These are a variant of a geranium, but I love the scent and they are pretty. They are sitting on two plant stands on the porch.

I purchased a lovely hanging basket of zinnias. Love the beautiful yellow color!

And, lastly, a beautiful mixed floral hanging basket.

I’m fortunate to have put up sun shades on my porch since I get the direct west sun, from about 1pm to 8pm. It shines straight at the front of my condo. And with this heat, it can really make it unbearable to sit outside. The grass, which was gorgeous, just a short week ago, is now turning brown from lack of rain. I am praying we get some relief this week. According to the meteorologists in the area, the high heat will change near the end of the week and drop to near normal in the low to mid 70s. A nice change for sure from this near 90 degree heat.

As for coloring, I did finish the monthly picture I do with two of my daughters as a color along, but can’t post it until we all reveal on the last day of the month. I also had “ruined” a pretty picture to color in my newest book. I forgot to put card stock behind the one I was coloring with alcohol markers and the green bled through. I didn’t want to trash the picture, so I used darker colors of alcohol markers and tried to salvage the picture. While the colors weren’t what I would have chosen to use, I kind of saved the picture. It’s not the best, but I want to share the good, bad, and ugly! This picture is from the Color n’ Chics book Fairy Fantasy grayscale by illustrator Derya A. Cakirsoy.

Next I finally finished the two page spread on the Introduction pages of the Jane Maday “Natures Sweet Moments” coloring book. I used glitter gel pens to color the top of both pages and for the bottom I used a variety of colored pencils: Black Widow, Brutfuner, Crayola, and Cezanne.

Last, I colored a picture in Ruth Sanderson’s book, “Fairies” grayscale fantasy coloring book. This one was done completely with Faber Castell pastel pencils with added “glitter” of Gelly Roll white gel pen. I had so much fun coloring this one.

And that is all I have to share this week. I hope you are all had an enjoyable week, and I am praying you will be blessed richly during this coming week. Until next time…