Morning Inspiration – Bring on the Rain

Thank you, Lord, for the rain! My beautiful hanging baskets are full face open to the life giving rain this morning. I love how rain makes all colors so much more vivid. Especially lovely beneath the gray, cloudy sky.

I find hope in rainy days like this. Hope for new beginnings, new opportunities, and deeper faith. And so I open my heart, like the flowers, letting my soul be filled with truth, love, and daily bread, living water.

Yes, Lord, bring on the rain!

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Carol Ann Erhardt

I've been publishing 4-and-5-star books since 2006. All current titles are listed on my Books page. My daily life is filled with funny moments shared with my cat, Finnegan. He has a diary on this website as well. My blog contains information about my daily life, thoughts, and inspirations. I am a Christian woman who enjoys helping others.