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Morning Inspiration – Two Powerful Words

This morning, God drew my attention to something dark against the green landscape outside my window. When I looked closer, I saw two large Canadian geese with five babies. They were enjoying the God provided foods in the long grass. I watched them, enjoying seeing their beautiful colors and how the parents kept vigil to ensure the safety of their little family. I also hoped they wouldn’t come too close to my condo because they leave “messes.”

There is so much information right now in the news about the messes in the world. Today it was about the rising costs of food and gas. As an adult, I don’t have parents standing by to ensure my safety in this tumultuous life. Prices rise, but income does not. This is a fear that can take hold and steal peace from our hearts. But God…

I love those two words. Fear cannot steal my peace or joy because of them. No matter how this divided world creates fear, it cannot overcome the power and goodness of God. So whenever a piece of the world invades my thoughts, I say aloud, “But God!” He is always standing vigil, watching over His beloved children. And the world cannot do damage if we remember we might be in the world, but we don’t have to be of the world.

2 thoughts on “Morning Inspiration – Two Powerful Words

  1. Yes! But God…Amen!
    My best days are when I live in the remembrance that I am only a traveler here on earth. I am a Citizen of Heaven. This world and all it holds is temporary. Cherish the moments because they pass quickly just like the days of a favorite vacation; and likewise long to go Home.

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