Morning Thoughts

Morning Inspiration – Fly Little Swallow

The little swallows who returned to last year’s nest abandoned it a week or so ago. I was so hoping to hear the sound of babies chirping when the parents brought food. I haven’t seen a group of swallows in flight doing acrobats as they catch their food. I suppose it is this roller coaster weather. Perhaps when the heat of summer returns, they will also. They were here when the temps climbed into the 80’s, but then cold nights and 60 degree temps hit again. With the colder weather, the insects haven’t been swarming so the swallows fly to where they can find them.

I laugh as I think how like the swallows I am, but instead of seeking insects, I seek warm rays of sun. My porch is abandoned when the temps drop below 70, but when the summer sun chases the clouds away, I migrate outside. So I appreciate the swallows who help keep the insect population under control! To me it is amazing how all creatures have been created with unique instincts. God, in His infinite wisdom and power, created all living things. He placed us in the middle of all this wonder and beauty. We just need to open our eyes and our hearts to enjoy what He has provided. Lifting my cup of tea on this day and the first rays of sun breaking the cloud cover to wish you joy, peace, and love.