Morning Thoughts

Morning Inspiration – Empty White Space

This morning I’ve been staring at my computer screen and seeing only empty white space. Try as I might my mind is not engaging with my fingers. I watch the birds in flight outside my window, the sun shining brightly, and feel nothing energizing in my soul. I feel as if I could just close my eyes and drift off to sleep.

Sometimes that is just what we need to do. God wants us to rest. Though He didn’t need to rest, He knew we needed rest to restore our souls. He taught us to take a day to do nothing but rest. To devote ourselves to His loving care and restoration. Though it seems I do a lot of this lately, I still find time to be active. Not as active as in my youth, but still I make sure my home is clean, my pets are well fed and groomed, and the same for my own body.

The remainder of the day stretches out as part of my future. A future I entrust to God. I draw strength from Him for my day, give thanks for His goodness, and enjoy what He places before me. Lifting my cup of tea with a reminder that we all need a time to seek solace and rest. It is not forbidden, but indeed is a God-given necessity.