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Morning Inspiration – God Said Yes!

This morning I’m remembering all the great times I’ve shared with my children and grandchildren over the years and I know how very blessed my life has been. When I was younger I prayed God would let me watch my grandchildren grow. He answered that prayer with a resounding yes! Now I have great grandchildren and even a great, great grandchild. My life has been full. I’ve suffered heartbreak and shed tears, but the journey has mostly been filled with love.

My heart is filled with memories that bring smiles and laughter and God has given me a creative spirit to fill the retirement hours. From the moment we are born, we are on the path to leaving our human bodies when they wear out. But only God knows how many days we have on earth, and I am looking forward to gazing back on whatever blessings God has for my future days. Lifting my cup of tea to wish you all a blessed Sunday. May your memories warm your soul, your laugh bring joy, and your love shine as a beacon from God.

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