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I’m Over It!

In church this Sunday, our preacher used the words “I’m over it!” to show how we should not let the little things in life affect us. For instance, a car turned right in front of me, causing me to put on my brakes. At first I said aloud, “Oh, good one!” And I felt a bit miffed. Then I laughed. I should have been grateful no accident happened, no one was hurt, and the fact that he caused me a second’s delay was nothing at all. Aloud I said, “I’m over it!” All the little things that had been bugging me for a while flashed into my mind. And at each, I repeated the words.

Amazing how freeing this can be. It’s our choice. We can choose to remain disgruntled and revisit the slights as often as we want, or we can just let it go and be over it. Lifting my cup of tea and wishing you a day to get rid of those little frustrations with those three little words!

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