Morning Thoughts

Don’t Look!!!

Four years ago on this day, I became serious about selling the home I’d lived in with my hubby and children for over 30 years. The decision weighed heavily on me, but I knew I couldn’t keep up with all the yard work. Hubby had been an avid gardener and loved all the many gardens and the pond in the back yard. I had to let go of the pond the year prior, and now I faced the possibility of being a failure at keeping what I thought of as his legacy.

God took control and within 3 months, the house was sold, I was placed in a condo I loved, and I had learned a house is only a structure. Legacies are not tied into material things, but into the love shared and the memories made. The moment I walked into this condo, I felt God’s presence so keenly, I knew this is where He had led me. It was time to stop looking at the past and to live in the present with all the beautiful memories I brought with me.

We find peace and contentment when we let go and let God. Don’t look to the past to bring happiness. Lifting my cup of tea with a grateful heart.