Morning Thoughts

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

I suppose I just labeled myself an old dog with this title! I’m working behind the scenes to edit this blog. I have lots of ideas about design and more, but I do have to learn how to make these ideas into reality. I used to have an author site on another hosting media with another version of WordPress. That one was so easy to manipulate when I wanted to make changes. However, things have changed. Now I am on this platform and having to learn new themes and how to utilize them. But I love learning new things.

I suppose that is why I love to work puzzles. Math was my favorite subject in school and my original plan was to major in math and be a teacher. However, life brought new opportunities. God gives us the right to make choices in our life. Sometimes we choose correctly, sometimes we veer from His plan for us. However, He can do anything! He lets us choose and then He brings good out of our wrong choices!

My life has been an example of this and I’m sure your life has too. I know God will continue to work in my life even though I am an “old dog.” LOL! So I hope to have a new website design up and running soon. Stay tuned!

Lifting my cup of tea and wishing you all a blessed and beautiful Sunday! I’m off to worship God. See you soon…