Time is an Intangible Gift

I admit I am growing older, well into my “golden” years or the winter of my life’s journey. As I look back, I see all the beautiful memories made and how they all weave together in a most amazing tapestry hanging inside my heart. Every day new memories are added. One day, I might be hanging this tapestry on a wall in my forever home in Heaven. I don’t know what God has waiting for me there, but I do know it will be the most wonderful place ever where time won’t be important any longer. In the meantime, I want to enjoy this time here in my temporary home with my family and friends. All of these memories were created in the gift of time given by God.

One of my granddaughters is turning 16 on Wednesday and following tradition, we will have lunch in the place of her choice and see a movie. She will spend the night, and we’ll have a good time laughing and just spending time together. See time is important to us while we are living in this world. We fill it with people, work, hobbies, and entertainment of choice.

Sometimes the hours of a day seem endless, but I’ve learned to fill them with all the beautiful colors God has given me to enjoy. Inside the gift of time. This week has been a little busier than usual with appointments and chores, but I still found lots of time to devote to adding color to my hours. The book I used as a guide to finding specific colors had become quite full. Since it was bound, I decided to take it apart and put the pages into protectors and into a 3-ring binder. I also “swatched” new color blends. This took me several afternoons, but I so enjoyed doing it. After spending years in the corporate world, organizing is a fun task for me. And, of course, I adore placing colors on paper and seeing how they can blend together to make gorgeous results.

I did manage to complete two coloring pages this week. The first one below is from Colouring Heaven’s Fairy Stories Special illustrated by Fabiana Attanasio. I chose the very first picture in the book, from the Beauty and the Beast section. I colored this with Black Widow pencil sets and used Distress Ink for the background. I wasn’t sure how to color the scene mixed into the coat he wore, but as I worked it just seemed to evolve. I tried to get a good picture, but the shading didn’t pick up as it looks in person. The second picture was done with alcohol markers in the Chibil Girls book I want to finish this year. I now have 24 pictures left to color. I will need to color at least one per week to meet that goal. (Ah, there is that invisible piece of time!)

This coming week is also going to be quite busy, but I’m sure I’ll manage to add more colors into my hours! Lifting my cup of tea with a prayer that every person who reads this will receive blessings of joy into their life. May your time be seen as a wonderful, though intangible, gift from God. Until next time…