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Grandmas and Grandchildren

Today my granddaughter is spending the day and night with me. I can hardly believe she will turn 16 tomorrow! There is a huge gap of years between us, but we still find common ground. I think it is because no matter how many years pass, there is something magical that happens when we are with our grandchildren!

I started a tradition with my grandchildren a few years ago where they could choose a movie and a place to have lunch. The girls always chose to spend that night with me, too. Over the years, we made happy memories I hope they will remember when I’m in Heaven.

I adore all my grandchildren and soon there will be no more movies and birthdays. We do this through their 18th birthday. Only three more years until this tradition will be no more. But no matter how old my grandchildren are, they remain a joy to my heart. Though the boys all tower over me, they still give me hugs. I don’t care if they are in their thirties or teens, they keep me feeling young.

So today new memories will be made as we giggle, shop, eat, watch movies, and play games. This is the great gift God has given me in my grandchildren.

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