Morning Thoughts

New Experiences in a Changing World

Tuesday I took my granddaughter (sweet 16) to see a movie. She chose “Cruella.” It turned out to be a fun movie and I truly enjoyed laughing and being entertained. Of course, I ate too much popcorn and drank too much pop. Since this only happens twice a year now, I give myself some leniency.

The movie experience was different. After a year where I couldn’t treat my grandchildren to a movie at the theater, I looked forward to doing so this year. I ordered the tickets online and also ordered the concession food online! Wow! How nice not to have to stand in long lines.

I also let the grandchild choose where to eat, but they always choose Steak ‘N Shake. That, too, was a new experience. There were no waiters or waitresses, no one to seat us. We ordered through kiosks, paid there, and seated ourselves. When they called our order number, we walked to the counter and picked up our tray of food. And we cleaned up behind ourselves. Honestly, it was the fastest trip I’ve ever made to that particular restaurant!

The thing that tugged at my heartstrings the most that day was seeing a huge line of small children being escorted through the doors to see a movie. I’m pretty sure they were going to see Peter Rabbit. The preview for that movie looked adorable and took me back a few years. It warmed my heart to see a new generation enjoying the fun of the adorable little rascal bunny!

All in all, I had a wonderful time over the past two days. New memories made to bring smiles and warmth to my heart in the future. God has given me a wonderful blessing in my grandchildren. Lifting my cup of tea and wishing you the happiest of days.