The Day After

The day after saying goodbye is less painful. I prayed hard for God to bring me peace in my aching heart. Today I am able to function. I had a peaceful, long, and healing sleep. Just trying to keep things as normal as possible for Templeton, my one remaining cat from the “Charlotte’s Web Gang.” I’m thankful for the 18 years of happy and humorous memories of both Wilbur and Charlotte. I am thankful that God heals hearts from deep sorrow.

I’m 77 years young. I’ve done a lot of living and look forward to what years ahead the Lord gives me here on earth. When I think about eternity, these years are just a blink in the “time” God created. What would I do without Him? I can’t imagine anyone dealing with grief without God’s comforting arms.

The sun is shining. Beautiful, white fluffy clouds float in the this vastness. I see His majesty in all creation and I draw comfort in knowing He is everywhere. Lifting my cup of tea as I offer a prayer of thanksgiving and healing for our country and for all those who are suffering from grief.

Author: Carol Ann Erhardt

I'm a mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and best of all a child of God. The beautiful colors in God's world lift my spirits and give me inspiration. Every morning is a new beginning, and a blessed gift from God! I enjoy a cup of tea each morning and give thanks to my Savior for life eternal.

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