Morning Thoughts

Hugs and Conversation

Hugs. I miss hugs a lot. And I miss conversation. Living alone is sometimes too quiet. Life is sometimes too lonely.

Perhaps it is the loss of my precious Wilbur on Monday that brings this to the surface. Wilbur was my constant companion. He was always sleeping beside me or on my lap. If I sat in my recliner, he would come stalking toward me with purpose and jump in my lap. If I spoke on the phone, he always had a word to share with whomever was on the other end.

Maybe it wasn’t true conversation or true hugs, but it filled the long hours of the day. Templeton, his brother, misses him as well. He won’t get on the padded footstool by my office chair where Wilbur slept when I was in here. He tries to carry on a conversation in his quiet voice and enjoys time when I focus on him. I’m trying to keep things as normal as possible for him. He’s very special, very smart, and I can almost read his mind through his eyes and his actions. I’m grateful to have this special guy in my life still. God is good.

Today I will see my BFF and we will share hugs and conversation. We might shed a few tears as we usually do. And we’ll share laughter. 2020 took that away from us. Today I’m reminded that the true gifts of life are God-given gifts. You cannot purchase hugs and conversation with money. You cannot purchase tears or laughter with any sum of riches. These are essential to mental well being. God knew this.

Lifting my cup of tea with a grateful heart for the gift of hugs, conversation, tears and laughter. May you enjoy many today my friends.