Silent Killer

Silent killer. Diabetes. Fear at diagnosis. 6 years ago.

Medication. Change in eating. Doing good. Fighting.

Forgetting. Silent killer. Easy to forget. Satan gleeful.

Want to be normal. Ignore threat. Gaining weight. Counting numbers.

Too hard. Can’t be true. Up and down.

God speaks. Need to fight. Need wakeup call.

Satan cringes. Battle mode.

Silent killer. Waiting.

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Carol Ann Erhardt

I've been publishing 4-and-5-star books since 2006. All current titles are listed on my Books page. My daily life is filled with funny moments shared with my cat, Finnegan. He has a diary on this website as well. My blog contains information about my daily life, thoughts, and inspirations. I am a Christian woman who enjoys helping others.

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