The Color of Grief

During the past week, I learned the true color of grief. It is the absence of color. A void. Not white nor black either. The month of June is a tough month for me as far as mental health goes. But with God’s mercy and grace, life moves on. I did manage to color several pictures which always helps through depression. But you already know this.

I decided to purchase a window bed for Templeton so he could spend time with me while I color. He’s used it a couple of times. I hope to see him using it more as time passes. Sharing a picture of him enjoying a peaceful nap while I’m working.

Rather than ramble on about last week, let me tell you about yesterday, Sunday. Church was wonderful. The music always makes me feel the presence of God. And the sermon was great. It was about learning to forgive ourselves. I was reminded about the false voice of Satan, which whispers in my ear from time to time.

After church, I was blessed by two visits. First from my youngest daughter and her hubby. Yes, I received wonderful hugs! They had just returned from vacation and brought me a new puzzle as a thank you for taking care of their cat. They also helped find some puzzle pieces on the hardest puzzle I’ve ever worked!

My second visit was from my middle daughter, her hubby, and granddaughter. Oh, how I love my little great granddaughter. So hard to believe she is now 7 years old! I still remember visiting the hospital after her birth. She is so much fun, so full of joy, humor, and oh, so smart. She brought me a picture she colored. My refrigerator is getting filled with her gifts!

And now it is Monday. Rather than talk further, let me just share the pictures from the past two weeks.

This first picture is from Fairy and Fantasy2 Coloring Book illustrated by Christine Karron. I worked it using Black Widow colored pencils. The picture is a bit dark as I took it at night so the colors don’t show up as vivid as in reality.
This picture is from Color’N’Chics Fantasy Fairy Portraits coloring book illuestrated by Derya Cakirsoy. Colored with Black Widow colored pencils.

The next two pictures are from the Chibi Girls 2 coloring book by Jade Summer. Both are done with markers and gel pens.

This next one is from the Colouring Heaven Steampunk Special illustrated by Hannah Lynn.

These next two were colored using gel pens and various colored pencils in a coloring book illustrated by Jane Maday titled Nature’s Sweet Moments. It is a 2-page spread.

The following pictures were colored in Love 4 Flowers Coloring Book. Color by Number illustrated by Prachi Dewan Sachdeva. These are relaxing pictures to color when my brain doesn’t want to decide on colors, but I need to color for therapy.

Sorry there were so many to share at one time. I’m easing into this new week in a better frame of mind. Several appointments this week as June draws to an end. May your week be filled with beautiful things and may your heart be happy, your mind untroubled. Until next time…