Morning Thoughts

A State of Suspended Awareness

Pale blue sky with no sign of clouds. No wind blowing through the trees. Only an occasional bird flying in the otherwise silence of the morning. I, too, feel like the silent morning. A day where my mind is in a perpetual state of rest. Good and bad. When I close my eyes my head feels as if it weighs so much more than my body. A lot of effort to keep it upright on my neck.

Not ill. Just in a state of suspension…waiting…but not knowing for what I wait. Shake head. Try to clear the cobwebs that have formed. Drink deeply from water glass. Fingers tapping the keyboard and dumping the clutter from my brain. Awakening.

Deep breathing. Life giving oxygen. Focusing on life and God. The reason for my existence. A purpose He knows. The steady thump of my heart. The feeling of weight lifting. Letting go. Giving all to God.

Thankfulness. A new day. A time to rejoice in all it offers.