Raindrops Bring Happiness

So overjoyed that we had rain yesterday and a lot of rain overnight, with continuous light rain this morning. So needed! There’s nothing quite like looking through a window covered in raindrops!

I took advantage of the wet ground and pulled weeds in the rain. The cool wetness was refreshing. Disadvantage was an ouchy fly bite. Mean little nasty bugger! Amazing how much weedy groundcover I pulled from my front garden. That stuff will take over everything, including the lawn if it is allowed to grow. Not sure the products the landscapers use is helping.

The three things I saw that made me immediately give thanks to God were:

Coneflowers bloomed overnight!

A bloom on my citronella plant!

Raindrops in puddles!

Lifting my cup of tea with a happy heart! Can you identify three things to give God thanks for today?

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Carol Ann Erhardt

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