Morning Thoughts

The Salty Tears of Life

This morning I am truly grateful for the gift of tears. Tears allow us to relieve pain and grief, that of which we often don’t realize are still hiding in our heart. Tears are cleansing. They are a part of life. We enter the world with a cry of distress from leaving our warm safe cocoon. It takes time to adjust to the strangeness of this world.

As we grow, we learn tears can bring food and a clean diaper. Then tears can be used to manipulate, to get what we want when parents say no. As the teenage years take hold, we learn the tears of heartbreak from losing love.

And then comes the tears of watching our children climb on a school bus and leave us behind. The young adults pack their belongings and move away. Tears of joy at seeing our grandchildren born.

Tears of saying goodbye to friends and family when they are called home before us. Tears of grief at the loss of a spouse, a child, a beloved pet. And then there are the tears of memories, when life continues on but the new path is traveled alone. The ache of empty places in the heart.

Tears. God. Knowing one day all tears will be wiped away. Trusting in God. Keeping faith. Waiting for a journey to be reconnected. Thanking God. Moving on with a smile.