Morning Thoughts

Flowers, Birds, and Tea

Sitting on my porch with a cup of warm tea and enjoying the birds singing. The way my chair is turned, the picture above is directly in my view. I’m not sure what the pretty pink flowers are among the petunias, but this is such a lovely hanging basket. When I look at it, my heart smiles with joy. Thank you, Lord, for creating such beauty for my eyes to enjoy.

It rained last night which is sorely needed, but we need a lot more to really encourage the grass and the flowers to show their colors. It’s like us when we slip away from God and put other things in His place. We begin to lose our colors, too. It’s important to keep Him first in our life so that everything else falls into perfect place and we bloom.

Lifting my cup of tea with a smile and heart filled with gratitude for this new day. May you become a beautiful bloom that gives joy to the life of others.