The Sync is Lost

Aging is a process every single person must face. Every day means another day has been added to our past. No amount of face creams or exercise is going to stop the days and years from passing. What I’ve learned in my personal journey is my mind is willing, but my body doesn’t agree.

My doctor always says I need to walk thirty minutes a day. I know he’s right. Once I was able to walk for an hour or so at a fast pace. I enjoyed it tremendously. I would be very happy if I could still accomplish this. My mind is ready. My body isn’t. If I make it around my condo area, at a stroll speed, one time, I feel good. My hips and back, sometimes my foot slow my progress. If it wasn’t farther to turn around and retrace my steps, I would. I long to see my garage come into view.

The arthritis I’ve suffered with since in my twenties, continues to plague my body. My mind tries to resist this process. Body and mind are no longer synced. Shrug. I will keep trying and I will be grateful for every lap I make! Thank You, God.

Templeton has vetoed the window bed I purchased. He would much rather be closer when I am coloring.

This week I continued to make progress on the puzzle. I won’t give up. I won’t give up. I won’t give up!

And now for the coloring pages completed this week. This first one I colored on Saturday evening when sleep evaded me. Chamomile and lavender tea, an audio book, and color by number.

The remainder were completed using either markers or various colored pencils.

I had so much fun coloring all these pictures. Coloring continues to be a great stress reliever, a time to commune with God, and wonderful therapy to relieve the quiet of living alone. Until next time…