Morning Thoughts

Beauty from Darkness

Doctor’s appointment went good yesterday. My diabetes is well under control with an A1C of 6.2, which my doctor says is excellent. Lost 4 pounds. Good to go for another 6 months. I learned yesterday that my doctor for over 30 years is also a cat person. They also lost two cats in a year. One was 17 and one 19. We commiserated together.

I’ve been working on the picture two of my daughters and I are coloring this month. This is what it looks like before. I’ll share the completed picture on the 31st of the month. It’s been a challenge deciding how to bring this to life. I think it’s one of the “ugliest” pictures in the book, but it can be beautiful in it’s own way if I color it in a complementary way. It is titled “Light the Darkness.” The artist is Selena Fenech.

Lifting my cup of tea with a smile. May your darkness be filled with light and your smile brighten another’s day.