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Building a Relationship

I confess I do not spend enough time reading the Bible. Oh, I look up verses. Open to books I’m studying in small group. And sometimes, I open the Bible to a random place and read a chapter of two. I don’t always read slow enough to really let the words sink in, to think about what they meant at the time, at what they mean to me now. I simply enjoy the words.

Talking to God is part of each day. I know He is with me all the time, so I am constantly giving Him thanks, asking for His assistance, sending up a prayer for a specific person, laughing with Him…I guess I just share my day with Him. It’s part of who I am. We have a relationship.

Sometimes I think I’m not being a good Christian because I haven’t opened my Bible in a couple of days. I don’t think that thought is from God. I have to remember Satan wants to destroy my relationship with God and this is one of the ways He attacks me. I have the power to rebuke the devil in Jesus’ name! That is my weapon, and I use it loudly when I engage in battle with evil.

Relationships are nourished by being together, sharing, and trusting. And that is how my relationship is strengthened daily with God. Not sure why these words are being written right now, but God knows that someone who reads this blog needs to hear this and be reassured. Lifting my cup of tea on this peaceful, quiet morning, and wishing you peace and hope.

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