Morning Thoughts

A Place of Quiet Restfulness

Have you ever looked through a raindrop filled window at a beautiful sunny landscape? That’s the view I had this morning. So lovely! My office window is a magical place where I see wonders from God every morning. If we open our eyes and see through the eyes of love, even a stormy day holds beauty.

When I enter my office/craft room each day, I am full of anticipation for God’s postcards or videos. Perhaps this comes with age, when we don’t have the many responsibilities of caring for a growing family or the hustle of preparing for work.

At this stage of life, I want to appreciate all the goodness in my life, past and present. My heart and soul overflow with gratefulness and there is a peace which I cannot explain. This is my life, the ending of a long journey, a place of quiet restfulness where God has placed me for a time and purpose. This is me…aging gracefully with God. And I am thankful.