Card Making, Tweets, and More

I read an internet news headline about Clint Eastwood. He tweeted: “I think being able to age gracefully is a very important talent. It is too late for me,” the 91-year-old actor said.” I’m not sure what he meant.

Of course this resonated with me because of the title of my blog. For me, aging gracefully isn’t a talent, but accepting the limitations that come with age, the wrinkles, the sagging skin, the slowing down of the body, and not wasting time regretting the loss of youth. It means taking time to appreciate what God has given me and finding peace with the acceptance.

This past week I rearranged my office and crafting closet. Just minor things to make more room and provide better efficiency. Little changes make me happy. Stems from my years in supportive roles within the corporate world. Thank goodness, I’m not missing the “dress for success” habit. I’m much more comfortable in my PJ’s and slippers or barefoot in t-shirt and capris!

I spent more time watching crafting videos on You Tube than I did working on hobbies. I’m getting excited about card making again. I want to start making cards for Christmas and a set of “all occasion” cards, too. I’ve neglected this hobby long enough. More about that next week.

Now it is time to show the few pictures I finished. I have a work in progress that I had hoped to finish yesterday, but didn’t. I did purchase a new set of oil pencils and spent time organizing them in a pencil case and swatching them. Looking forward to using them this week. I love working with oil pencils. I finished a picture using pastels, but can’t show it until after the end of the month when my daughters and I reveal our finished pictures to each other. Here’s what I can show. The first picture was done in glitter gel pens. The second with colored pencils and liquid pearls, the third with markers as I practiced blending and last is a color by number done with markers.

Lifting my cup of tea with a smile as I watch the swallows doing their flight maneuvers. Wishing you all a beautiful week. Remember to be kind to yourself, have fun, and be thankful. Until next time…

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