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Left-Brain, Right Brain, or in the Middle?

Before I retired, I enjoyed creating databases in Excel and Access that would crank out reports for management. Today I enjoy working jigsaw puzzles, sudoku, logic, brain teasers anything that allows me to solve something. In the years I wrote and published novels, the joy came in putting together the pieces of the plots and bringing everything together to a happy ending. Coloring is no different. Taking a blank flat picture and turning it into something pretty and dimensional makes me happy.

If I look carefully at these things I enjoy, I see both creativity and logic reasoning. When I take those “left-brain, right-brain” tests, the results are right in the middle. LOL! My husband used to question how I could relax when I was watching television and knitting or crocheting. I’ve never enjoyed sitting still and watching television. It feels unnatural. Now that I live alone, I watch a movie on the computer while I sit at my desk and color. Or listen to a book. My love for reading books has transferred to audio books because sitting still for a reading session bores me. What?!? LOL!

Am I normal? Are there other people my age who are like this? I’m normal as far as God is concerned, because this is the way He created me. And recent research shows me we may favor one side of our brain over the other, but rarely is one side completely dominant. This makes sense to me. Lifting my cup of tea as I look sideways at the brain teaser puzzle calling to me. May you have a fantastic day, and please leave me a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts on left-brain vs right-brain.

2 thoughts on “Left-Brain, Right Brain, or in the Middle?

  1. I like to read with the TV on. Or I watch a movie while working a word-search puzzle. I usually have my kindle with me when I go out in case I find myself waiting in a car, an office, etc. I like to have something to occupy my mind. Sometimes I grab a napkin in a restaurant and jot notes on a current book I’m writing (only if I’m alone). Simply put, my mind likes to stay busy.


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