Reflections on Life and in the Mirror

Templeton seems to be doing better. The past week, I was worried about him. Praying the medication is going to work to heal his intestines so he will recover completely. Hoping I’ll be able to sleep better as my mind begins to ease.

As for coloring, I completed 3 pictures this week. My mindset is changing from quantity (wanting to finish books completely) to quality. I want to take more time working on each picture so as to do justice to the artist who used their talent to draw the pictures. I’ve been working for the past three days on a picture and though I have no idea when it will be finished, it’s okay!

I’m also gearing up to do cardmaking. I ordered a new small manual die cutting machine which should arrive on tomorrow. I’m watching various card making tutorials and feeling excited to expand on this hobby. Nothing elaborate, like those who sell their creations, but just something handmade to send to friends and family.

As for the puzzle, I sit for about an hour a day and had a great day Saturday when I placed 5 pieces together. Woo hoo! It’s truly a difficult puzzle compared to any other I’ve ever worked.

Looking back over the week, I’ve spent most of my days at home. The weather has been hot, with a couple of days nice enough to be outside. I’ve done a lot of thinking, reflecting on life, and praying. Growing older can sometimes smack you in the face…especially when you look in a mirror! What happened to the young woman I used to be? I can see her in my mind’s eye and in pictures from long ago, but that’s not the image in the mirror. I’ve been avoiding exercise and my clothes are the telltale sign I need to get out of the chair and move more. I should stand at the breakfast bar and work on hobbies. Maybe that’s where I’ll do my card-making. It’s worth a thought! I’m not 80 yet, and my dear friend, who is 80 now, still mows her humongous yard, pulls weeds, and rakes leaves! She’s an inspiration and I need to start taking better care of myself instead of disappearing into hobbies to avoid the truth of how I’ve let myself go over the past years.

Reflections over, it is time to share my finished pictures from the week. The first was colored in Johanna Basford’s Christmas book. It is my contribution to the Christmas in July theme. The second was done with markers in the Love4Flowers book by Prachi Dewan Sachdeva. The third was colored in Christine Karron’s Fairy and Fantasy 2 book. On this one, I used my newest set of colored pencils from Star Joy. I love these pencils. They are oil based pencils and are at the top of my list of favorites.

I am hoping for a better week ahead. Planning on doing at least 20 minutes of exercise per day on the elliptical trainer machine I have. No excuses that it’s too hot or humid. No excuses that impact hurts my back and ankles. This machine eliminates that. I want to finish the picture I’ve been working on, add some pieces to the puzzle, and make a few cards, too. Of course, my plans are always flexible, especially when God has another plan! Lifting my cup of tea and wishing each of you a glorious week full of God’s blessings. Until next time…