Morning Thoughts

10 Things I’ve learned About Aging That Make Me Laugh

There are some truths about aging I’ve learned that make me giggle. Not that they are particularly funny, but I need to laugh and accept the reality.

  1. I understand gravity now because my sagging breasts are not as prominent as my belly.
  2. The few white hairs I used to have now cover my entire head, so when I take a picture of myself, I look like a negative (young people won’t know what this means.)
  3. I can fall asleep numerous times during the day while reading, but toss and turn for hours when I go to bed at night.
  4. I used to be able to touch my toes without bending my legs, now bending my legs causes my knees to hurt and I struggle not to fall on my head.
  5. I have to write down all appointments on my calendar, but I forget to look at it.
  6. Things now become invisible. Like my cell phone. I can walk from room to room for hours and suddenly it appears in the place I normally keep it.
  7. I can no longer say the wrinkles on my face are caused from smiling because they no longer disappear when I’m not.
  8. I used to walk 5 miles a day, now I have trouble walking to and from the mailbox.
  9. I used to love applying makeup, now it just gets sucked into the wrinkles and looks like a road map.
  10. I’ve learned the truth of the words “golden age.” All my gold goes to the doctors.

Lifting my cup of tea and wishing you all a day to laugh at yourself and enjoy life, even if it comes with limitations!