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Family is the Heart of Home

The past week was fairly quiet. A couple of days found me dragging with headache caused for allergies and heat. Keeping my hanging baskets happy is difficult with the vivid sun and high temps. My son-in-love and youngest daughter stopped by to lube my garage door joints and stop the loud noise that made my teeth clench! So wonderful to have a door that glides quietly up and down. Though my sleep has been off and I found myself snoozing when I’d sit still to watch a show on television, the week passed quickly.

What a fantastic Sunday! Pastor Steve delivered a very moving sermon and I left, as usual, knowing the Holy Spirit filled our church building, and that I have a reservation in Heaven. Lunch afterward with one of my best friends. The afternoon and early evening brought more blessings. I met my great grandson, Luka, face to face for the first time! I tried to get a picture of him smiling, but failed. He would smile at me and then clap his hands! Just melted this GG’s heart!

My granddaughter and her fiancé, grandson and wife, and baby Luka came for a small family dinner provided by my daughter and son-in-love. When family is in my home, it doesn’t matter how small it might be, it swells with love as we make new memories!

This week, several appointments are on my schedule and though it means less time for hobbies, I look forward to spending time with friends and to getting a much needed hair trim. I began working on Christmas cards so I feel good about having them ready to mail on December 1st. Also colored three pages which I’m showing below. All three were completed with markers. However, the 2nd picture was a marker base and colored pencils on top of the markers.

I’ve been trying to get this blog finished, but my cat, Templeton, is demanding quality attention. So I’d best sign off, but first here is the picture of him enjoying a nap on my lap. LOL!

Many thanks for stopping by to read my blog and see the pictures and the colors in my life! Family shines the brightest! Lifting my cup of tea and wishing you all a week filled with all kinds of happy! Until next time…

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  1. Great pictures of family! Lifting my glass of tea with yours and wishing you a beautiful and happy week as well, dear friend. Give Templeton a pat for me.


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