Morning Thoughts

Nasty People and Tame Tongues

Another rainy day. I got caught in downpours yesterday while running errands, but the blessing in this was God giving me a free car wash!

There is always something good to find in every situation. My experience in my local grocery store yesterday was truly one to make my blood pressure soar. I managed to make my exit without saying anything I would regret. I tried to practice being a good Christian woman.

I left walking through a downpour knowing I would not frequent the store again. So what was the good that came from it? I learned I do not have to let anger flare an outburst of retaliation which would lead to nothing good, only later regret. God has been working on me and changing me into a better version of myself.

The tongue is the worst offensive weapon we own. We can destroy others with it, and in the process, ourselves. It is better to wear the armor of God and let His Name be the one we use as a weapon. My parting words to the cashier were “May God bless you and your day.”

This morning I breathe easier knowing I have nothing to regret. I received a free car wash, a dampening to help cool my spirit, and a safe trip home with my necessary supplies. Lifting my cup of tea with a smile and a happy outlook on this rainy morning,