Morning Thoughts

Egrets, Porches, and Tea

Sitting on my porch and listening to all the birds. The swallows are diving and dancing through the morning air in search of breakfast. A hummingbird is at my neighbor’s feeder. Earlier I saw a white egret sitting on the very top of a tree by the pond. It sat there for almost a half hour. Sometimes it would stretch its long, long neck straight up, or stretch out its wings. It turned to survey every area within eyesight.

I’m always amazed at the views God gives me. The egret was a first ever. If you look closely, you can see him on the treetop above the far right roof peak. He appears like a ghostly shadow shape. My phone camera doesn’t take good distance pictures.

As I sit here alone with the birds and my laptop, I feel like the only person left in the world. No sign of other people. So quiet and peaceful. My little haven. A perfect place to enjoy a cup of tea, write, read, color, or diamond paint. The air is refreshing to my lungs. On my porch I feel alive and in communion with God.

Giving thanks to the Lord for His goodness as I lift my cup of tea to say “good morning.”