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I Don’t Believe in Coincidences

Life is filled with the unexpected. I’m a believer in no coincidences. God sends messages to us, speaks to us all the time. We only have to be “listening.”

After my brain dump about the blood thinner decision yesterday, my sister ended up in the hospital last night…possible mini stroke. I spoke with her this morning and she is doing good. No speech problems or mobility problems. She is waiting for test results and is not allowed to walk without a nurse’s assistance. Recently she has had several falls due to her leg just suddenly giving out and sending her to the floor. An MRI is scheduled to try and determine what is happening. Of course, she didn’t want to worry me, so she didn’t tell me any of this.

She is a widow, too, and lives alone. I don’t want to ignore that the possibility of stroke has just increased on my behalf. So I believe it would be beneficial for me to do as the doctor has advised. I can deal with pain from the arthritis.

On a lighter note, worry and fear are not consuming me. I’m a basically healthy woman who is walking with God. He is the One I give these concerns to. I know He will work all things for my good.

Lifting my cup of tea with a smile of gratitude for this day, for my sister and brother, and for all the blessings God continues to bestow upon my unworthy self. May your smiles be many, your steps be light, and your life be filled with love.

One thought on “I Don’t Believe in Coincidences

  1. I believe you’ve made the right decision. Lifting my glass of tea with yours for a beautiful day!


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