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A Memory Popped Up

A memory popped up on Facebook this morning that led me down memory lane. Five years ago today was the very last family gathering at the house my family remembers most. It was the place where the family gatherings began. As I looked at the pictures, I recalled the way the house looked when we first purchased it. It brought to mind all the hard work my hubby put in to remodel and make the house into our family home. I admit there was a bit of sadness in leaving it behind.

The thought that removed the brief bit of “if only” was realizing all those memories still live. They do not reside in a house, but in the hearts of the family that gathered there. The hard work brought fond memories inside many hearts. Do I miss those times. Honestly, yes.

I miss the family gatherings and because my condo is a little further away and the rooms a lot smaller with no yard to “play” in, the gatherings have become nil. Family has dwindled, many have moved away, and some Jesus called home. I’ve made a happy home in my little condo, though it’s not the same without family dropping by because they were “in the neighborhood.” I miss the Sunday dinners we all shared after my hubby went to Heaven. The family gathered to help me through the loneliest day of my week.

My thoughts and memories now keep me company. I suppose this happens as people age and families have their own responsibilities. I remember working full time and trying to accomplish all the cleaning and shopping into the weekend. I’ve settled into a routine and have hobbies to keep me busy. I’m grateful for my relationship with God. I talk to Him throughout the day. And I cherish the memories of the home and the family gatherings in the past.

Lifting my cup of tea with a melancholy smile as I wish you all happy memories, love, and time to dance and sing.

One thought on “A Memory Popped Up

  1. Lifting my glass of tea with yours and giving thanks for all the different memories we each share. Even with the passing of time, those memories bring us joy and happiness.


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