Christmas? Diamonds? Puzzling Colors…

Most of my week has been spent making Christmas cards. Every one of them is different. I have six made so far. Only 20 more to go! I’m waiting until the Christmas paper pads come out. I went to Michael’s on Saturday and only purchased a less than $5 pencil sharpener for my pastels. The lady cashier who always checks me out said, “That’s all for today?” She knows I never buy one tiny item. I explained I didn’t fine what I came for and told her what I’d wanted. She made a face and said, “Let us get through Halloween first!” LOL! Here is a sample of what I’ve been making.

Monday was my cardiologist appointment. He once again told me of my risk for stroke and highly recommended I look at two brochures before making my final decision. On Wednesday, I learned my sister was in the hospital and had suffered a mini stroke. Thankfully, she is doing okay, but it seemed to be a message from God that I should change from aspirin regimen to the blood thinner the doctor recommended.

With a lot of thoughts running through my head this week, I began working every day on the jigsaw puzzle, Trinity of Peace. It will be so beautiful when completed and I plan to put it on my office wall. After church yesterday, I sat at the puzzle table and was amazed four hours later at all the progress I made. What do you think?

I worked one day on my Diamond Painting. One third to go to finish. I really need to frame all my finished paintings rolled up in my closet and hang them.

This was an errand week as well, so I didn’t do much in the way of coloring. I finished one picture in the Fairy and Fantasy 2 book by Christine Karron and started another on Friday while Skyping with my daughter. Both of these were colored with Black Widow pencil sets.

This concludes my week of hobbies. I enjoyed all the different colors brought into my life this week. Also enjoyed a visit with my daughter and son in love yesterday. It was fun to see her new hair color which is now purple and magenta. She really glows in the sun! It looks good on her. Not many women could carry this off, but she does!

Lifting my cup of tea and wishing all of you a fantastic week. Remember to be kind, compassionate, and treat others as you want to be treated. You are loved. Until next week…

One thought on “Christmas? Diamonds? Puzzling Colors…

  1. The puzzle and pictures are beautiful and the Christmas cards are gorgeous!! I’m happy you made the decision regarding blood thinners. Lifting my glass of tea with yours and wishing you a joyous day and week ahead. Hugs, dear friend.


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