Morning Thoughts

Perfect Weather, THE Puzzle, and Evening Fasting with Jesus

Oh, my goodness! I just realized I forgot to add a blog this morning. I had a wonderful beginning to my day. The weather is perfect! My A/C is off and the windows are open. I love weather in the mid 70’s, especially with a cool breeze. I’ve been enjoying this nice change and focusing on finishing the puzzle I’ve been working on for three months! I’m so close to finishing. My time today has been spent focusing on one piece at a time! Perhaps this is what caused me to forget about posting.

All the pieces left to work are the same color. I think I’m in trouble! LOL!

A couple of weeks ago, I started doing a sugar fast while reading the daily devotions from THE FORTY DAY SUGAR FAST by Wendy Speake. What I’ve realized is this book can apply to fasting from anything that might be what I turn to for comfort. My worst time of eating/snacking is after dinner. It’s the time when I set all hobbies aside and relax in my recliner while looking for something to watch on television. When my hands aren’t busy, I begin to want to eat. If I have cookies in the house, I will eat over a dozen of them over the course of an evening. I go from eating one thing to looking for something else to eat.

I need to realize I’m not alone. Jesus is with me. Maybe if I hold my Bible and pray about this before I turn on the television, when the thought that I want something to eat crosses my mind, I’ll tell Satan to hit the road! My evenings need more Jesus time!

No tea this afternoon, so I’m lifting my glass of water, and wishing you all a wonderful rest of your day! Until tomorrow…