Kindness, Smiles, Laughter, God’s Light

Often I think about shining God’s light and wonder if I’m truly living this way. I visited my local pet store last week and the minute I walked in the door a lovely young girl smiled at me and welcomed me. She was busy, but kept that smile every time I saw her as I went up and down the aisles. She was also the one who rang up my purchases. Always with a kind voice and a smile. As I left the store, I felt really good. I was smiling and feeling happy about my small shopping trip. I thought about that experience all the way home and realized I’d been in the presence of one who shared God’s light. I’ve had bad experiences while shopping, some which left me so sour, I haven’t returned to those establishments. Church is that way, too. I’m welcomed by happy, smiling faces on Sunday mornings. Not a single person is frowning and no one is treated like a stranger. That’s the light I want to shine to others. Not just sometimes, but always.

God’s light also shone in my home yesterday. My post of weekly reflections was delayed to today. Not because it was a holiday, but because my kitchen light decided to give me some indoor fireworks on Sunday evening and then all four of the florescent bulbs went out! Thanks to children who are willing to give up part of their day, the ballast was replaced and now the lights are working great! God answered my prayers through my youngest daughter and my son in love. My neighbor stopped by to help, too! We had times of laughter and my heart was full with knowing how richly God has blessed me.

Another thing happened…my youngest daughter finished the puzzle while I was supervising watching the electrical work being done. It is such a beautiful puzzle. It’s rather large–26 in. by 26 in. There is no way I’m going to take it apart! It is a beautiful reminder of God’s love. I want to seal it and then have it framed at Michael’s so it can hang on my wall. This was an awesome Mother’s Day gift that will keep on giving.

Though the week was fairly quiet, I did have some times where I felt a little stressed. When this happens, I turn to a color by number book and markers. I pray and commune with God while I color these picture. I did a record number of three! Those are all the mandala pictures below. The first picture is the buddy color picture I did with two of my daughters. It was done with Star Joy oil pencils. It is always fun to see how differently each of us brings the picture to life! The picture just before and the one just after the finished puzzle were done with markers. Just some fun coloring. The next to last picture was colored with my Black Widow wax based pencils. I enjoyed bringing this one to life and especially like how the berries turned out.

That’s all I have for this week. I leave you with these thoughts. Appreciate the beautiful colors in your life and try always to shine the light of Christ with kindness and love. Until next time…

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