Using My Christian Planner to Focus More on God than Me

The past week was a quiet week. I did accomplish chores, the big one being shampooing the carpet in three rooms. Otherwise, I spent time thinking, learning, and talking with God. My Bible time hasn’t been as deep as I’d like. I needed to do something to focus me on studying, not just reading.

You Tube has a wealth of information. It’s where I go instead of watching programs on television that don’t inspire me. It’s a place where I learn more about coloring…and now about Bible and Prayer journaling. About digging deeper into scripture to glean insights. I would love to be as creative as some of the ladies, but I’m not that interested in spending a lot of time on “pretty” additions. And I don’t want to spend money on something that could turn into a hobby instead of focusing on God.

I need to remember it’s not about me. What I decided to try is using my Christian Planner in a new way. This type of planner has served me well for nearly three years. (I’m anxious to see the 2022 version which is on preorder.) By adding the tabs I can easily flip to the months. The next thing was to add some stickers to the front to “make it pretty and appealing.” Then I turned to the inside and used stickers and washi tape to embellish the pages. On the weekly devotional/sermon notes page, I decided to change the way I took notes in church. I used a small notebook to capture the thoughts and questions instead of copying notes on the screen. At home, I rewrote and expanded on these in my planner. The weekly layout is now a place to write the to do’s for the week, blog ideas, and a daily reflection. All my appointments are recorded on the monthly calendar page. I’m sure this will expand and change as I begin using it in this new way.

As for coloring and other hobbies, I spared little time. I did glue the puzzle both front and back and this week I hope to glue it to a backing to hang on the wall. Most of my pictures were colored just before I went to bed. I’ve been having issues with falling and staying asleep. My brain won’t shut off. Coloring the mandalas while sipping a cup of chamomile and lavender tea seems to help me unwind. Another thing I’ve started doing is writing in a “prayer journal” notebook while I’m sitting on the side of the bed before turning off the light. I write down the blessings from that day first thanking God. Then I add praise and prayer requests, just talking to God with my words. This seems better to me than just speaking the words and later forgetting the blessings!

And below are the pictures I did color. The first mandala was done with colored pencils. The other two were with markers. The autumn picture I found in one of my older Hanna Karlzon books called Seasons. I’ve been in the mood to surround myself with autumn, my favorite season of all.

I’m lifting my cup of tea now with happy thoughts as I ask God to bless each of you this week. May your heart be filled with peace as you share love and kindness to all you meet.