Morning Thoughts

Relationship – Forty One Years and Counting

Today I’m having lunch with my sister. Not my biological sister, but she is part of my family. She is my sister of the heart, my sister in Christ. We met 41 years ago. We’ve shared a lot through the years. Lots of tears, lots of laughter, and a lot of meals. When we worked at the same company, we shared a lot of lunches together. We and our husbands shared dinner together. We went on long overnight shopping trips, vacations to Georgia and Florida, including a humorous “cruise.”

We lifted each other up when God called our husbands home. We rejoiced over the arrival of grandchildren and great grandchildren. And now, we share our aging gracefully years, a lot of time over the telephone. But today we will hug and laugh, wipe away a few tears, pray, and break bread together.

We all need friends. Many will come into our lives for a season, and a few will remain for a lifetime. We need to cherish and nurture the relationships with the people God places in our lives. Our pastor challenged us to begin each morning with prayer and a commitment to do what God wants us to do, say what God wants us to say, and live like God wants us to live (a life like Jesus). As I think about this commitment each morning, I also think of the relationships in my life. Number one being with Jesus, followed closely by family, including those I call sisters, brothers, and friends. The morning commitment gives me joy, a feeling that my heart is going to burst from my chest. A fullness of the Holy Spirit just waiting to spill out into the world. And I’m thankful, grateful.

So, today I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my BFF. What new memories will we make today? Only God knows, but whatever this day brings, love will abound. Lifting my cup of tea and asking God to bless each person who reads this blog. May your heart be open to receive the blessings He will provide.