What I See in the Rain

After many hot, dry days, this morning it is overcast and raining. Right now it is a gentle, soft rain as if to prepare the ground for more to come. This rain from God is calling the trees, grass, and foliage to stand straighter, to cool the parched places and take hope in what is to come. God is giving life to the dying.

As things cool and the air becomes easier to breathe, I stand with my arms outstretched. Little droplets fall on my skin cooled by the breezes blowing through the trees. The windchimes tinkle. I am refreshed.

This temporary home has not been forgotten. God is working. He is changing something right now. Through faith in Him, I know I have a secure inheritance in Heaven. Jesus is coming again. All things will be made new. I will be reunited with loved ones from whom I have been temporarily separated. God’s promises can be trusted. While the world changes, He remains the same. In that knowledge, I have eternal hope.

Thank You, God, for this rain. This sign of hope. This drink of life. This time to still, breathe, and be thankful. Sitting at my porch table with dampened skin, sipping my tea, smiling, and thinking I love a rainy day.

By Carol Ann Erhardt

I'm a mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and best of all a child of God. The beautiful colors in God's world lift my spirits and give me inspiration. Every morning is a new beginning, and a blessed gift from God! I enjoy a cup of tea each morning and give thanks to my Savior for life eternal.

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