Yesterday I finished a puzzle. As I worked on it, I had fun discovering little things I hadn’t seen in the picture guide. A little butterfly, two birds, beautiful vases… It reminded me how each day brings new surprises and insights to my life. I’m a happy person. Happier than I was when I was younger.

There were struggles, much the same as I have now, but then there were children that factored into the struggles. They were my primary focus. I wanted them to be happy; I wanted them to be respectful; I wanted them to learn what is really important in life. I wanted them to not be hungry for food or love. I wasn’t the best of mothers, but I did my best. There were times I failed them, times I cried for them, times my heart ached for them. But through it all, I loved them with all my heart.

Seeing the wonderful women and mothers the girls have become makes my heart smile. It’s part of the total happiness in my life. I have a peace inside that has replaced the compartment of worry. It is a gift from God. Maybe this is part of God’s aging plan. A staging place where I rest and reevaluate my priorities. A time of looking back and seeing how He sustained me and led me even when I didn’t notice. A place where my weary body slows down while my mind remains active. My soul is now looking more toward eternity than into things that don’t matter.

Peace He has given me. His promises are true. He is trustworthy and faithful, and was even during the times I doubted. Now in each day I discover new things. Like the sound of tranquility in the gentle rain and God’s voice whispering love through the breeze lifting my hair. Never have I felt Him so near in every waking moment. I am a happy person.

Lifting my cup of tea on this cool and rainy morning and giving thanks to God for His kindness and love.

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Carol Ann Erhardt

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