Morning Thoughts

Daughter Time

Today I’m going shopping with my daughter. What I want to find is something to wear to a wedding the end of October. I have no appropriate type clothing. Most of my clothes are T-shirts and jeans or capris. My wardrobe has changed a lot over the years. My closet looks nothing like it did 20 years ago. Shopping for clothing is not something I like to do. Thus, my wardrobe!

Occasionally I will purchase something through a mail catalogue, but again just to replace an old shirt that has worn out. Or I will purchase a shirt from church. Sigh. But a wedding…that calls for a shopping trip. The only thing that appeals to me about this shopping excursion is having breakfast and sharing time with my daughter! I have to laugh at myself. I’m a different person now that I’m a senior. I remember a time when weekends were for shopping! Shopping was fun!

I know I’ll be worn out completely when I get back home. But another joy awaits me in the afternoon. I will be skyping with another daughter. And so, I lift my cup of tea and give thanks for this day and the opportunities that await! And, Lord, if it is in Your will, let me find a nice outfit to wear at an affordable price!