The Busy Life of a Winter Person

The past week, I had appointments every day except for Saturday. This isn’t usual for me. As I advance in these winter years of life, my best time of day is in the morning hours. By afternoon, I’m pretty tired. Most of my appointments were morning ones, so by the time I had finished, eaten lunch, and stopped to take a deep breath, I realized I was done for the day. This is the only downfall I see to aging. It’s the imbalance between the eternally youthful spirit and the aging body!

Each week I have a “to do” list (not including appointments and regular chores). Yes, I will forget if I don’t write them down! I try to finish all of them so I have a sense of accomplishment when I look at the list on Sunday morning. At the end of the week, only one item remained. Make two new cards. I’ll move it to this week. My goal is to have all my Christmas cards completed the week before Thanksgiving. That will leave a week for adding personal notes and addressing envelopes in preparation for mailing the first week of December.

I spent one afternoon trying to set up a home network so my laptop and desktop could communicate. I managed to get the laptop to connect to the desktop, but not the other way around. Diagnostic testing says all is set up properly, so perhaps it is just the less powerful desktop that is the problem. I’ve never been intimidated by learning new things on the computer. I’ve replaced hard drives and added memory back in the day! Today, I do have a computer tech guy. He will try and look at it soon. I don’t like working on the desktop and not being able to access a picture I’ve saved on the laptop.

I never add coloring or any hobbies to my to do list. More important than hobbies are my Bible study time and devotional time, journaling, and blogging. Honestly, it probably seems as if I don’t do a thing to the younger people who have such busy schedules. For me, though, all these things make for a busy day. During last week, I was blessed to spend time with some friends I hadn’t seen for a while. I also spent one on one time with my middle daughter. As I look back over the week, I see how richly I was blessed.

No, I didn’t spend much time with hobbies over the past week. I colored two pictures and finished working a puzzle. Since one of the finished pictures is the buddy color with two daughters, I can’t show it until next week. I plan to show a progression gallery of the picture from the uncolored page to the finished product. As for now here is what I can post. The first is a picture (colored with markers) from the Colouring Heaven Steampunk Special book by artist Hannah Lynn. Only four more pictures and I can call this a completed book! Yay! The puzzle was fun to work. There were so many little things in the picture, I was constantly revealing something I’d missed in the sample picture!

As I look at my calendar for this week, I see three days with no scheduled appointments. I’m hoping to get a few cards made, color a couple of pictures, and finish a puzzle I started Saturday. Lifting my cup of tea and thanking God for filling my calendar and giving me hope for each new day He provides. May you all find yourself blesses profusely this week! Until next time…