Morning Thoughts

Trusting in Today’s World

Jesus always provides what we need in His perfect timing. He’s proven this over and over again in my life. Living within the limits of my monthly income becomes more difficult as the costs continue to rise while my income remains the same.

True stories: Recently I needed a new outfit to wear to a wedding. I found the perfect solution for a reasonable price. Three days later, I received a refund on my escrow account for the same amount! Two years ago I needed another small amount to cover an unexpected bill and a few days later I received a refund check for a copay. There are many, many other stories over the years.

I might have trouble trusting some people in my life, and yes, I’ve been let down by some I’ve trusted. But never, ever has Jesus let me down! I trust Him completely. Life includes struggles, but every storm is temporary. And Jesus walks with us through the terrible times as well as the good ones.

What does He ask in return?

He will love us and patiently stand and knock on the door of our heart. When we open the door, He will take up residence and change us into a new and better person. He asks us to believe and to obey by loving God with all our hearts, souls, and minds and love our neighbors as we love ourselves. And He makes a home for us in Heaven where we will live with Him for eternity when we leave our temporary earthly home.

The Bible and my faith tells me all this is true. He is trustworthy. He keeps His promises. This He proves over and over again in my sinful life.

I trust Him with my life. Lifting my cup of tea with a heart filled with gratitude.